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Oreo biscuit - Handheld silicone teethers

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Image of Oreo biscuit - Handheld silicone teethers Image of Oreo biscuit - Handheld silicone teethers

These are a perfect size for your little ones to hold when going through teething. You’ll find they don’t want to put them down !

Silicone teether, soft but tough and flexible reaching troublesome areas.

The one-piece design has no squeaker, cracks or joints, which prevents the build-up of bacteria and mold. Perfect all round teething toy and can also be used in the bath.

Free from BPA, PVC, lead and other heavy metals. Non toxic for babies

We recommend that each child is supervised by an adult at all times when using these products. Please wash silicone with warm water and wipe down before use. Most products contain small parts. Please check regularly for wear and discard when signs are spotted such as splits in wood or loose parts.

You may find dust sticks to your teethers at first, this is a characteristic of new silicone and will wear off the more the item is worn and washed.

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